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Zoe Saldana Boyfriend Husband 2017 Married to Marco Perego

In past beautiful Zoe Saldana had ended engagement with fiance. At a later she initiated her new married life with Marco Perego. She is just 37 and she looks happy with husband these days in 2017. A history of her ex relationship as well current love life that how much she loves this boyfriend turned husband is summarizing here: Starts from her ex Faince, six years ago she got engaged with boyfriend named Keith Britton. He is an actor by profession and also CEO of a fashion magazine. Then we heard this news that both of them had ended their engagement. They remained in love for 11 years; so surely they had a handsome period of their lives together. After calling off her engagement, she had fallen in love of Bradley Cooper. It was for 1 year that she dated this guy.

Zoe Saldana Boyfriend Husband 2017:

Finally four years ago she got married with Marco. It was the month of May when they met up in the after party of Star Trek into Darkness. They have cutest looking twin sons. She told the media that her hubby came out as a blessing for her. It was such a short time frame that both of them quickly knows each other. They are just meant to be together forever and for good. She is pretty lady from inside as well outside to.

Zoe Saldana relation

They had their secret wedding. She told that we are like artists that live in each other cores. Both of them believe that success do come in the form of waves, success will not come right away. This is the policy which this couple follows in their lives. Even her husband takes her last name that was not happened not too many times in love life.

Zoe Saldana relation

  • Boyfriend of Zoe Saldana in 2017: Surely he is Marco Perego

Furthermore they just look adorable and perfect enough. Important thing is that with in short period of time a solid understanding was observed between them. Its look that this married life will last always. Currently this beautiful family enjoys time with two loving kids so much love with each other. No doubt they set example that how to carried on a joyful married life. And secret behind this successful journey is loyalty with each other.

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