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Zoe Kravitz is seen with the fiance these days. From the early days of this relationship, Kravitz is committed with Karl Glusman. Although she is much shorter than her boyfriend height; but still they make a great pair. Apart from this relationship, previously, Zoe Isabella Kravitz was hooked up with numerous men in the industry. For the first time, she had a loving association with Ben Foster, that’s only lasted for a year. Then, her attachment with Andrew VanWyngarden and Ezra Miller was rumored for a while. But Kravitz’s relation with Michael Fassbender created much hype. However, after a few months, Micheal left her and reports were that he had moved on to another girl.

Moreover, she and Penn Badgley had all the time been much open about their link. But this love story only continued for two years.

After this split up, Kravitz was spotted with Noah Gabriel Becker and Chris Pine. But these connections were also not last for a long time. Furthermore, her last breakup was reordered with George Lewis Jr.

Zoe Kravitz Boyfriend 2020:

  • Karl Glusman

Who is Zoe Kravitz Engaged to?

  • Zoe Kravitz Fiance:

He is Karl Glusman

EX List:

  • Cleary Discuss in the first paragraph

Who is Zoe Kravitz Married to?

  • Zoe Isabella Kravitz Husband:

Yet not Married

Apart from relationships, she is getting fame because of her family background and outstanding career.

She is the daughter of legendary stars of the industry. Kravitz’s father Lenny is a well-known musician whereas her mother Lisa is a well-known actress. After the divorce of her parents, Kravitz lived with her mother at the beginning and then began living with her father.

  • Pics with Ex:

Chris Pine relationship

Professional Life: Kravitz initiated her career from the movie ‘No Reservations’ in 2007 and presented the character of a babysitter, at that time she was in high school. In the following year, ‘The Brave One’ was another successful project for her. Later in 2011, Kravitz appeared in Marvel Comics movie ‘X-Men: First Class’ as Angel Salvador and enhances her popularity and worth. But, Kravitz delivered her best in the fourth spin-off of ‘Californication’, a Showtime television series.

Kravitz is honored to work with Will and Jaden Smith in science fiction movie ‘After Earth’ in 2013. She was cast for ‘The Divergent Series’ as Christina and for director George Miller’s movie ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ in 2015 which was later selected for Academy Awards. According to the assessment, it is seen that Kravitz is highly recognized for her role Bonnie Carlson presented for HBO series ‘Big Little Lies’, though she has presented a supporting role but receive immense acclaim.

Her fans adore her for her modeling and singing skills too. As she is the daughter of the musician so automatically some singing passion is inherited to her. From 16, she is taking an interest in music. She is the founder of an R&B band having label ‘Lolawolf’. She is the lead vocalist of the band.

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