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Yung Berg Girlfriend 2015 Wife Baby Mama is Yung Berg Married Single

Rappers are always famous due to their relationships, because they always comes in front of audience so their partner are has best chance to get fame. In this article we are going to discuss a rapper Yung Berg that has multiple relations but till question is attached with him that is he is married or single. Here all basic relationship information is combining that start from Yung Berg Girlfriend 2015 and ends at the story of his wife and baby mama. Starts from his current relation that now he is single after break off with last girlfriend. Moving towards his last relationship with which he seriously involves for almost one year. Majority of time this couple stay together in hotel to enjoy drink and romance. A twist is come in this relationship when he hit her and gets her out from room.

“Yung Berg Girlfriend 2015: Single”

If one overview the love story of Yung Berg with last girlfriend Masika Kalysha then in at start of 2014 they says to date. Initially they take this relationship in secret but as news come at media about this relationship they decides to open it. After this majority of time when they drink together they also enjoy romance in hotel room. One night a disturbance is create in the hotel where they stay when police is called for an investigation. This time Yung Berg beat his girlfriend badly because when he pays the hotel bill from Masika and her card is out of limit. Police arrest Yung and take him in police station for more investigation. This is last night that he enjoys with this pretty lady.

“Yung Berg and Masika Kalysha Picture”

Yung Berg relation

“Yung Berg Wife: Not Married”

This is not first story when she flirting with a girl because before this he also attempt to date with baby mama of Bow WoW. After rejection of proposal when news revealed at media it must ashamed for Yung Berg but he don’t care of such controversies that attach with him.

“Is Yung Berg Married Or Single: Single”

Yung Berg Ex-Girlfriends:

  • Casha Darjean

In 2008

  • Jaslene Gonzalez

From 2008 to 2009

  • Milani Rose

In 2008

  • Arica Kane

From 2013 to 2014

  • Joie Chavis

From 2013 to 2014

“Yung Berg Baby Mama: Beanna McFerren”

Yung Berg relation

With all of this he also has a secret relationship with Beanna McFerren; she is also a baby mama of his son. But again he flirts with this lady because after spit up of this relation she come at media and said that Yung Berg doesn’t care of his children. Add that she is now busy in her modeling career, with this busy schedule it’s too much difficult for her to take care of their son. While Yung is not ready to support her; she clearly said that after using he through her with son.

This is all relationship history wife Baby Mama of this rapper Yung Berg; currently he is single so answer is clear that is Yung Berg Married Single or married; but with this he also looking for a girlfriend in 2015.

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