WWE Shawn Michaels Wife Name Is He Still Married to Girlfriend in 2016

Looking at the personal life of retired WWE wrestler Shawn Michaels, he married twice. First he married to Theresa wood, but after six years of marriage their wedding ended up in divorce from mutual agreement. Wife 2016: Afterwards, Shawn re-married to Rebecca Curci-Michaels the daughter of Cliff Curci and Gloria Curci. Both met by Mutual friend named Rich Minzer in Venice, Caliph. After couple of days their relationship continued to sparkle. Couple married in Las Vegas, USA in a small ceremony. Very few people were invited at the ceremony. Rebecca was also a dance team member of WWE. So directly or indirectly she was also from the same profession.

  • Is He Still Married to Girlfriend? Yes

Children: Couple welcomed a son named Cameron Kade. After this the Rebecca gave birth to a baby girl named Cheyenne Michael. Shawn has numerous tattoos on his body which depicts his love for his wife. A tattoo with a heart seems snake in the shape of “S”. On his ring finger an alphabet R is drawn which means “R” for Rebecca.

Couple Photos

Shawn Michaels relation

Wives Name:

  • Current: Rebecca Curci-Michaels
  • EX: Theresa Lynn Wood

Currently, Shawn feels so contented in his life. He has a wife he love and admire, a beautiful house, a training school and a wrestling promotion. In one interview Shawn Michael said that he will again come in this field when my son asks me so that he sees his father in wrestling again. This is that during last days he updates through social media that soon he becomes part of wrestling convention. At present he is living in San Antonio, Texas.

Couple Old Pics

Shawn Michaels relation

Bio: He is a professional American wrestling personality, retired professional wrestler and television presenter. He is the son of Carol Hickenbottom and Richard Hickenbottom. He has 3 siblings named Randy, Scott and Shari and he is the youngest among all. He belongs to a military family and also spent few early years in Berkshire, England. He rose up in San Antonio, Texas. When he was very young he don’t like to be called Michael, since that time he is known by Shawn. When he was twelve, he became a professional wrestler and then called from whole name.

Shawn Michaels relation

A part from his relationship he is really a nice guy, very down to earth and humble personality. After retirement in 2016 she spend maximum time with family (included children and wife) and also hunting while he got time. He always prefer fans, that why update them through social media. He was not involve in too many romantic relation with multiple ladies that’s why still married. Above picture with his wife tells whole story of their love.

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