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It is not difficult to have a romantic and amazing courtship time between two sportsperson, difficulties come when you lost the initial sparkle in your relationship with your spouse. So to get marry is easy but to maintain the relationship is very difficult, you have to look after numerous factors to make your marriage happier and last longer. Here we talk about some WNBA Players Married to NBA Players, some of them have spend a happy life, while majority of them never last it. It is often seen that good marriage may sometimes slip into crisis if not handle with care. In this article few WNBA Players are shared who has a successful marriage and some of them never lasting relationship stronger with partner.

Candace Parker and Shelden Williams: They got married in 2008 and this partnership started with lot of promises. They set example for all those players who frightened to begun a married inning.

Candace Parker relation

Brittney Griner relation

Basically this is Lesbian Couple, who married after legislation of GAY married Law in America. But they never carry on this journey and divorced after a year of marriage.

Brittney Griner relation

Kevin Durant relation

This is again a great couple, both engaged in a marvelous way. But due to religious difference they decided to parted ways. Now they are not more together.

Kevin Durant relation

Jason Collins and Carolyn Moos

Their relationship also ended up after engagement, both look excellent with each other, but again it’s unfortunate that they never carried it on.

Jason Collins relation

It is observed that be good to make your own rituals rather than following the other. As no one knows about others life they create according to their life style and mod. A couple’s ritual is a perfect way to associate with your spouse. Like couple may find smoothness in little rituals like both give trust to each other, ensure safety of each other and by enhancing their love. These rituals are no doubt small but are very worthy in maintaining the marriage and in enhancing the love between the two people.

If one overview the WNBA players who married to NBA players then majority of them are failed. The cause of split is lack of time for each other. Prioritize your spouse than anything than in return you will enjoy the same things even before your work and business. So always put your marriage first than any other thing. For this, give time to your spouse, don’t forget to make long chats on daily basis, go for a shopping and go for a walk or dinner.

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