Who Rory Mcilroy New Girlfriend is Dating Now in 2015

After last split of Rory Mcilroy with a tennis star now again news comes at media that who Rory Mcilroy new girlfriend is dating now in 2015 because he confirm that he is again in a new relationship. He and his new partner also caught on camera when they go out together. This couple sees quite relax and happy, more in a media talk he confirms that he and Erica Stoll (new girlfriend name) are in a relationship from previous six months. He is more happy then previous relationship and now when he feels that this is time to open this relation they come out together. In his a media talk he also shares some best wishes for her ex gf that she also go ahead with some good relationship.

Furthermore, if one review his new relationship then this Rory Mcilroy new girlfriend is not a sports women or not belongs to fashion or film industry. One try to collect some information about this lady but till it is not revealed on internet. Soon her detail must come that clear more things about this relationship.

Who Rory Mcilroy New Girlfriend is Dating Now in 2015: Erica Stoll

Rory Mcilroy Ex Girlfriend: Caroline Wozniacki

Rory Mcilroy relationship

Before this Rory Mcilroy is also happy with her ex girlfriend, both are sportsperson due to which they had a strong stamina. In this relationship they tries to spend maximum time together when they get time from busy schedule. Rumors are also come on media that in 2015 they are planning to married to but this relationship is going to its end when Rory Mcilroy decides for break off. Till exact reason for this break up is not reveled that a how it possible that such close couple decides for separation.

But as this happened both aimed to focus on career and now after a period of time again questions are going to arise that who Rory Mcilroy new girlfriend is dating now in 2015 when they sees together. Later on he announced that he is now in a relationship. After this announcement all fans of Rory share their best wishes that he spend happy life. While with this some fans also gives their opinion that before this he had makes a perfect couple with ex girlfriend as compare to this relationship. Further upcoming days decide better that which is best for his permanent life.

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