Who Kermit the Frog New Girlfriend Dating Now 2016 Break Up with Miss Piggy

Kermit the Frog ending up a long time romance with Miss Piggy and starts dating with new girlfriend in 2016. They are parting ways; it’s strange that how he dumped her after an inning of 40 years. Break up has finalized with mutual understanding but this made sad to all of their fans. Although they were the perfect coupe but now things had gone over between them. Reason of this Split: The foundation of a relationship has based on faith; one could not remain in a relationship who would not share things with each other. During such long period of time this couple has not build enough understating that they share things freely. Lake of faith is the major reason of this divorce. Now both have decided to move on, but major thing is who they are dating after this separation.

Current Relationship Status: Right now Miss Piggy is Single; she needs some more time to get her away from this sad situation. Mean while Kermit finds a new girlfriend named Denise, she looks younger than his Ex. Although apparently it looks good for him but it’s not easy to build a solid understanding with younger partner. So his fans wish that he back together with Ex, and learn from mistakes that cause their split.

Couple Picture When they were Together

Kermit the Frog

Note: It’s too much important to mention that this couple is not Real. Basically they are two character of most favorite children program. As they perform number of roles together that why they assumed to married with each other.

Numbers of fans were interested in the romance between them, mean while few are irritating from this kind of reporting at media. According to their opinion this type of reporting must cause worst impact on children mind.

Moving towards the separation of this couple, although they detached but they will aim to work together. This is good call for their fans because they all wants to see their chemistry at screen.

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