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Zendaya Boyfriend 2019 Relationship Status: Is Zendaya Coleman Single

Personally, Zendaya has a long list of rumored boyfriends but she chooses to maintain silence when it comes to her relationship status. Trevor Jackson the singer, actor and dancer was top on the list, which she rumored to date from 2012 to 2016. Recently, she accepts that Jackson is her best friend since childhood. Apart from this, there are other rumors of her relationship with Odell Beckham Jr.(American footballer ), Adam Irigoyen(actor, singer, and rapper) and Spencer Boldman(American actor) but nothing ever came to the scene amounting to the confirmation of those relations.

Zendaya Boyfriend 2019:

  • Tom Holland who is her co-actor from movie ‘Spider-man’ is a new entry. After Zendaya’s 22nd birthday celebrations, Holland posts a picture on Instagram with some shady caption, which gives air to already perceived rumors of them dating.

Further, Skai Jackson’s mom Kiya Cole commented in reply to a fan’s comment, which adds to the authenticity of alleged relationship but yet Zendaya and Tom both choose to be silent on it.

Zendaya Relationship Status 2019:

  • Currently, this beautiful actress and Tom Holland are dating.

Is Zendaya Coleman Single in 2019?

  • No

Dating History:

All given in the first paragraph.

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Zendaya Bio and Career:

Zendaya who was born as ‘Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman’ to Claire Marie and Kazembe Ajamu in Oakland, California is the only child of her mother. Her mother married her father when she was 12. She had 5 half-siblings from her father side. She shares a very good equation with her father as he is her manager too.

She started her career with ads and music videos as a dancer. In 2010, she enters to the world of acting with Television sitcom ‘Shake it Up’ as Rocky Blue, which brings historic success for Disney and Zendaya’s career starts with a boom. Soon after in 2011 she brought her singles ‘Swag it Out’ and ‘Watch me’, which brought her further acceptance as a singer. In 2013 she brought her book, ‘Between U and Me’, to present her skills in a new domain. she also has a burgeon clothing line ‘Daya’. She explores multiple avenues and found success everywhere.

As of now, she has done about a dozen sitcoms, half dozen movies, 1 studio album, 15 music videos, 1 EP(extended playlist), 7 singles, 6 promotional singles, written a book and running a clothing line at a young age of 22.

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