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Who Is Yolandi Visser Married To Yolandi Visser Husband Boyfriend

Here we will tell you that Who Is Yolandi Visser Married To Yolandi Visser Husband Boyfriend and all her relationship history. There would be many readers who won’t be familiar with Yolandi Visser early life and biography so it is given under here. Anri du Toit is the real name of Yolandi but she is best known by her stage name Yolandi Visser. She is the well known vocalist in the South African rap rave group Die Antwoord. If we have a look on her early life she was a pert of the music and art group The Construction Corporation and Max Normal.tv. The former was a project which produced a concept album/Graphics novel. She also appeared in several music/art videos of them. She has got a real success with the Die Antwoord group, the group is a rap rave group which is consisted of Yolandi Visser, Ninja and DJ Hi Tek. The debuted album SOS was made available as a free download on their official site for their popularity. Beside her musical career she is also going to appear in the film which is directed by Neill Blomkamp in which Ninja and Sharlto Copley are also working. So now we are going to tell you about Yolandi Visser Boyfriend and Husband details.

Yolandi Visser Boyfriend: Ninja (Watkin Tudor Jones Jr.)

Yolandi Visser Husband: Not Yet

Who Is Yolandi Visser Married To Yolandi Visser Husband Boyfriend

yolandi visser and ninja together

Yolandi Visser has not yet married with any guy but she has been dating Ninja her musical partner since 2006. Yolandi and Ninja had a daughter in the year of 2006 named Sixteen Jones. So yet she has not plans to get married because she is so busy into her life. She is a beautiful girl and can make relationship with any boy but she has a deep love with Ninja. In past she has dated another guy but these were just rumors because when one is at peak of career then meting with a friend is also sees a date. Keep checking back this site for more latest updates if Yolandi Visser married to or who is his upcoming husband or boyfriend that purely dated with her romantically.

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