Wade Barrett Girlfriend 2020 Wife is Married to Who

Wade Barrett is a celebrated WWE wrestler and has all the good looks, charm and success which could attracts a girl but he is single since long time. Moreover, Victoria Crawford was his girlfriend in 2010 who is a WWE Diva and famous with her ring name Alicia Fox. Apparently they dated for about two years and then ended the relationship secretly. Alicia Fox has once admitted that she loves Wade even after the breakup. Furthermore, she remembered that she always felt strangled in the relationship where she don’t feel comfortable in sharing her feelings with him. That clearly depicts that their personality differences become the key reason of their split, despite having a love for each other.

After separation with Alicia Fox, he got involved in a relationship with Rachel David. Rachel is a host and journalist by profession.

After those failures, Wade seems to seize his feelings of love. He has not associated with anyone since 2014 but we have all best wishes with him and hope him to find a suitable partner in 2020.

  •  Who is Wade Barrett Dating?

Wade Barrett Girlfriend 2020:

  • No, he does not have a Girlfriend.
  • Apparently, he is Single.

 Ex Girlfriends:

  • Victoria Crawford
  • Alicia Fox

Wade Barrett new relationship

Pics with Ex:

Wade Barrett Wife 2020:

  •  Who is Wade Barrett Married to?

No, he is not married and does not have any children.

  • Is Wade Barrett Single?

Yes, he is Single.

Personal and Career Brief:

He was fond of wrestling from a young age and had huge admiration for ‘Bret Hart’. He started the wrestling journey from Liverpool as a bare-knuckle boxer. It took him only a short time to become a champion of bare-knuckle boxing and then he participated in various battles all across Europe. Hereafter, he wrestled at the age of 21 and won numerous championships including Ohio Valley Wrestling, The Barrett Barrage, and The Corre. He also ran a successful career at WWE, where he won the Intercontinental championship 5 times.  Besides wrestling, he also tried his luck in the entertainment industry and currently focused to establish a full-time career in acting.

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