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Who is Skrillex Girlfriend 2019 Dating?

Skrillex marital status states that at this moment he is single. Previously in 2012, Skrillex was in a relationship with Ellie Goulding. The pair met through social media and then ultimately became good friends. They also worked together on one EP ‘Bangarang’. Eventually, after a few months of dating, they split up because of long distances.  But, after parting ways from Ellie, Skrillex was not involved himself in any other relationship that shows his commitment with the ex. On the other side, Ellie is now engaged to a new boyfriend.

Who is Skrillex Dating 2019?

  • Apparently, Single

In 2015, he was hooked up with DJ Mija. However, there is no evidence of this relationship. So it is just considered a rumor.

Skrillex Girlfriend 2019:

  • Seemingly Single

A photo with Ex:

Skrillex relation

Short Bio on DJ Skrillex:

Talented American music producer, singer, songwriter, and guitarist DJ Sonny John Moore was born on January 15, 1988, in Highland Park, Los Angeles. Professionally he is recognized as Skrillex since 2004. His parents Scott Moore and Francis Moore raised him at San Francisco. After receiving primary and secondary education from San Francisco, Skrillex relocated at Northern California. Again moved back in Los Angeles and then homeschooled till 14 because he was bullied by his fellows.

At 16, he faced the truth of being adopted and then, as a result, he left his studies. He then began spending time with Mexican kids and attending concerts, gigs, dance clubs, and discos. In a meanwhile, Skrillex took inspiration from electro music and remixes and then start working on his own.

Skrillex is working in hip hop industry since 2004 to the present time. He begins his career with ‘From First to Last’ band as a leading vocalist and worked with them in two studio albums. In 2007, Skrillex’s passion led him to work solely. In late 2007 being a solo artist, he made a debut tour. In 2009, he launched his first EP ‘Gypsyhook’. Thereby, one after the other Skrillex launched numerous EP’s like Scary Monsters, Leaving, Weekends, Bangarang and much more and gained worldwide recognition. Recently, he again joined with ‘From First to Last’ to launch a single.

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