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Love Life: R Kelly being the famous one American recording artist has been married for two times. His first marriage was an illegal one with Aaliyah and the other marriage survived for 13 years but then they had a divorce. Let us all inquire that what he is doing these days: Reports and news are in the air that now he has been engaged for one more time. He was spotted in February 2016 along with his new girlfriend while they were supposed to buying their engagement rings. Some of the sources are saying so that they will be married sooner. When it was asked from Kelly that whether he will be tie knot for a third time then he gave no comments on this question. We still have to wait to check out that who is that girl with whom Kelly currently dating!

Failed and illegal Marriage:

First he got married with Andrea Kelly. They have three children together. She used to be a former backup kind of dancer. Then after a long partnership, they had a divorce. Their marriage remained for a time frame of 13 years.

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He also had an illegal marriage. It was according to many of the sources that Kelly had an illegal marriage with a 15 year old singer. Her name was Aaliyah. They had their secret wedding ceremony. It was Aaliyah’s uncle who introduced both of them. At that time, her age was 12 years old. After four years their marriage came out to be an annulled one.

Currently Dating Girlfriend: Girl Name is Secret

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Ex Relationships:

As we know that he had been married to Andrea Kelly and he also been married with Aaliyah. Beyond these marriages he spends a color full love life with number of pretty ladies.

1: In between this second married life he also had a relationship with Sparkle.

R Kelly love

2:, 3: While his love affairs with Deleon Sheffield and also Bianca Darrington also never hides from media.

4:, 5:, 6: His ex girl friend include K. Michelle Maxinne Daniels and too Jara Everett also got media attention when they openly dated.

Now again R Kelly is romantically busy with new girlfriend at beginning of 2016 that may his wife, but till the identity of lady is not reveal that who is his new love currently dating and also planned for married this year to. No doubt it’s not easy to survive with a man who charged for abusing, but every time pretty girl linked with him.

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