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Who Is Petra Nemcova Dating Now 2016 Petra Nemcova Boyfriend Husband Married To

She has that bold looks, she got that stunning personality and we know that many men will be after her! It is bring to your knowledge that she was having 6 boys in past. So with who Petra Nemcova is dating now in 2016, will be a bit amazing for you. She has not married to any boyfriend, so till she is in search of right man to give him status of husband. We have been getting this information that she is single these days but at the same time, she is also seen with Laurent Lamothe. He is a ex prime minister of a country. She also said that she is now quite happy while she is dating with this guy. Media sources have also been given this statement that this celeb has now found her love and happiness in this man. As we know that this model had managed to survive in tsunami but in that incident, she lost her fiance Simon Atlee. Now she is romancing with this handsome EX Haitian PM.

His age is 41. It was also told by her that both of them us are quite and much involved with each other. She also said that Laurent has been very supportive all the time. It was said by Laurent that her girlfriend is a super model and he is just super proud on her. He said that her partner is one of the most beautiful women in this world. But till they never engaged or married, but these clues are enough to understand the nature of their relationship.

Who Is Petra Nemcova Dating Now 2016?

  • Boyfriend: Laurent Lamothe

petra nemcova relation

She has already have great career and she is keep on hardworking to achieve some more goals in her life. But relationships are the part of life, it doesn’t matter that what we are doing. This celeb also called off her engagement with that actor, Jamie Belman. They both dated each other for one year only and after that they got separated.

Is she Married To?

  • Husband: Not Two time engaged but fail to marry

petra nemcova boyfriend

After this break up, Petra has not romantically linked with any other guy for a year. She is actually not getting any other men according to his match. There were many rumors circulating about her relationships but all of these are not true.

 According to last update there are chances that Petra Nemcova might be getting married with this former Haitian prime minister, let us all wait to have confirm news! She is pretty young lady with smiley face, now she deserve a true relation after broken of two engagements. With happen in upcoming days its early to predict…….

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