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Who is Paris Jackson Boyfriend 2015? Michael Jackson Daughter Dating Chester Castellaw Football Player

Majority of time children of celebrities get fame due to their parents, majority of them are also followed their siblings. As related celebrity is passed away, their fans starts following their children, here we talk about daughter of Michael Jackson named as Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson. She is a pretty girl that gets attention of every Michael Jackson due to her beauty and unique style like his father. Now she is in a age when majority of girls bonded in relationship. This is the reason that fans are anxious to know that who is Paris Jackson boyfriend 2015? When our team searches collect information regarding these relationship then facts comes that Michael Jackson daughter dating Chester Castellaw football player. Initially this is not authenticated news but this story confirm when she and this soccer player a footballer of local club come out from home to starts relation.

Then they both reveal the relationship detail through a picture on media. This picture shows that they are enough close to engage in upcoming days, as this rumor spread Paris Jackson sees to wear a ring that consider as engagement ring and new story start that they are engaged.

Who is Paris Jackson Boyfriend 2015? Footballer Chester Castellaw

Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson relationship picture

Later on Paris Jackson clear that this is a promise ring, through this they promise to live at same place, hopefully in upcoming days they are engaged. After this relationship every fan of Michael Jackson sends best wishes. In their comments they express their feelings that it’s nice to see them happy together. By seeing Paris Jackson happy in pictures they also wishes that may this relationship become long lasting and it comes with lot of happiness.

Only worries are comes in mind of guardians, they feel that it’s quite earlier to build such relationship. According to their source they said that Paris Jackson must wait for some time to become mature before build such relationships. But it’s her own decision after which questions are going to arise that who is Paris Jackson boyfriend 2015? Whose answer is quite clear that Michael Jackson daughter starts dating with football player Chester Castellaw. From our platform all the best wishes for this new couple that in future this relationship comes more happiness.

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