Who Is Odell Beckham Jr Dating? Odell Beckham Jr Girlfriend Wife Fiance

In start there were just rumors circulating about Odell Beckham Jr and Erica Mendez but soon they got engaged and she became his fiance. We received the confirmation of this news from an authentic source and then we learned the truth. The couple did everything too fast, she claimed that she has been intercourse with him and she is also the mother of Odell Beckham JR child. It has been claimed by Mendez that she had started this romantic relation with him in 2010 and they also had decided to get married. But all of this just can be typed not going to happen in reality. They had a clash between them which made their ways different. Now the couple has finished all the relationship and got separated.

Beckham refuted all of these claims quickly. We have too seen that his father has also added his own and personal statement and told to the media that all of these stories are fake.

Every celebrity is having rumors about his/her relationship but there are few celebrities who turns the rumors into the reality very soon. There were just rumors about odell beckham jr fiance but soon she is going to be the his wife. If you like to know that Who Is Odell Beckham jr dating? girlfriend wife name and picture keep reading this post.

Odell Beckham Jr Fiance Name: Erica Mendez <3

odell beckham jr new gf

Who Is Odell Beckham Jr Girlfriend Dating? Amber Rose

Yes, he has been spotted with Amber Rose and it was reported in 2016. It was also written by some of the magazines that both of them have been at beginning of romantic journey. Some of the website sources have also claimed that both of them had their first meeting session through their mutual friend. They had also been seen together at some place of New York. It was also written at some places that she might have a new beau or guy in her life! It was said by Rose that both of them are just not in any kind of rush to move forward. She is of this belief that if he love her, he can for sure do that!

Odell Beckham Jr

Both of them have been talking and spending time romantically and Rose is just loving all of that. It is also said by Beckham that his first priority will always be football but he will also give time to his lady love. Rose is not at all putting any kind of pressure on him and Beckham is loving all of this. Both of them just wants to explore each other more and more. It is also seen many time that this couple has this strong bonding and attraction between them.

But these all are just rumors, he is quite young has just the age of 23. So its not easy for him to manage a divorced lady, although she is attractive but its early too say that this relationship will work for long period of time.

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