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Who is Minka Kelly Married to? Minka Kelly Husband 2020 Boyfriend

It’s clear that Minka Kelly became famous after doing Friday Night Lights. She has been a part of multiple TV shows and films. Minka’s love life has always been very messy, delicate and intricate. The same goes for her sloppy acting career. Till now, she has had a lot of hookups, romantic inclinations, makeups, and breakups. No wonder her dating history is interesting. If you want to know more keep reading this interesting snippet. Minka and Brain had a relationship before they got famous in their respective careers. There isn’t much to talk about when it comes to both of them. However, they dated for merely a year before parting ways.

Then, Donald Faison and Minka dated from 2004-2005. But, it started and ended with a fluke. They started dating when Donald divorced his wife Lisa. They both used to make regular red carpet appearances together. But none talked openly about their relationship or breakup in front of the media.

Minka Kelly Boyfriend 2020:

  • Tabloids kept buzzing with the news when Kelly was spotted with a man. However, no definite dating news came out after that.

Who Is Minka Kelly Married to?

  • Minka Kelly Husband 2020:

At the age of 39, surely she is now planning to attach with a permanent life partner. But, who will Minka Kelly husband 2020? is yet not identified.

Furthermore, Chris Evans and Kelly are known to have an on-off relationship, between the years 2007 -2013. They first met and fell in love with 2007, but ended their relationship in a span of one year. Kelly was at her peak during this time as she was doing Friday Night Lights while Chris was just a struggling actor. Then again, they were rumored to be together in 2014. However, that was not confirmed by any concrete sources.

A pic with Ex:

With Chris Evans Relationship

Minka Kelly other Ex Relationships:

Kelly and Singer John Mayor had a short enjoyable fling which started in 2007 and ended on New Year. Being a secretive couple they didn’t even tell their friends about their breakup. It was only after a month they broke out this news. The fling was short and they moved on without regrets. John later dated Jennifer Aniston.

One of the most serious and longest relationships Kelly had was with Derek Jetter. They dated for 3 and a half years and were often seen hanging out together. They were quite serious about getting married but broke up for reasons unknown.

Kelly and Wilmer Valderrama dated too. It was a fling that did not last long. Both didn’t admit to this relationship in front of the media either.

Moreover, Kelly and Sean Penn started dating in 2015. Sean planned an expensive, romantic birthday dinner for her at a restaurant in Napa. Although Kelly remained adamant that they are just friends, they were often seen hanging out together.

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Minka Kelly relation

Yes, Josh Radnor and Kelly dated for about 2 years. They frequented vacations together. They were known to have a hit relationship but it all cooled down after their split-up.

Last but not least, Jesse Williams and Kelly’s bonding was a mere six-month-long relationship. Diehard fans of Kelly accused Jesse of cheating on her. But she stayed calm and refuted all these rumors.

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