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Who is Lyfe Jennings Girlfriend 2020 Fiance Wife Engaged to Married Baby Mama

Oh, amazingly, Lyfe Jennings is the father of five children’s. Until now, he has been hooked up with five women’s. Lyfe’s first public relation was with Joy Bounds. Joy was his fiancé once and was also a manager of him. Together these two gave birth to two sons named Phoenix and Elijah. Afterward, Lyfe had an affair with Anita Priestley during 2007 and they became parents of a daughter in October 2008 and named her Liyah Jennings. Moreover, Marquita was also his former girlfriend, who is an actress and stuntwoman by profession.

He has a son with Marquita Goings. He named his son after his name ‘Lyfe Michael Jennings’ (February 2011). Later, he was spotted with India Mendoza. While Knoah Mendoza is the name of their son born in January 2016.

For the last time, his relationship was rumored with Karlie Redd. After this break-up in love, now it is not available whether he is in a relationship with someone or not.

  • Who is Lyfe Jennings Dating?

Lyfe Jennings Girlfriend 2020:

  • The Lyfe Jennings girlfriend 2020 is not publicized online.

Who is Lyfe Jennings Engaged to?

  • Lyfe Jennings Fiance:

Yet, Single

A pic with Ex:

Lyfe Jennings relation

 Lyfe Jennings Baby Mama:

1: As mentioned in starting par, that manager and also ex-fiance named as Joy bounds is his first baby mother. Their names are Phoenix and Elijah.

Lyfe Jennings relation

2: Secondly, the mother of her daughter was born from Anita Priestley.

  • 3: His last kid is from Marquita Goings. But they also remained together for a couple of years.

Lyfe Jennings relation

Who is Lyfe Jennings Married to?

  • Lyfe Jennings Wife:

Yet, Unmarried

This is all about his personal life, let take a look at his bio and career:

Lyfe Jennings Bio:

He is one of the fifth kid born to American parents. He is from a working-class family. Lyfe’s family background and educational background information are not available. However, he has shared little information about his personal life in singles and informed about the loss of his father at an early age.

Lyfe Jennings Career:

During the teenage years, Lyfe joined the group ‘The Dotsons’ and performed with them. ‘The Dotsons’ group encompasses one of his brother as well as two cousins. In early-1990, the band split up and at that time his name was involved in crime and he spent 10 years in prison until turning to 14 years. In 2002, after release from prison Lyfe took music platform seriously. He recorded a four-song. A month later, that post was launched and then he was provided an opportunity to present at Apollo. In the beginning, he was bullied by the audience but after sometime audience took note of his lyrical songwriting and gritty falsetto, they entirely enjoyed it.

Afterward, Lyfe traveled to New York City and signed a recording deal with Columbia Records. Under the label, he launched his first album ‘Lyfe 268-192’ in 2004. Consequently, he released 6 successful studio albums. In his career span, his associated clubs. Now he is known as a record producer, singer, and instrumentalist.

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