Lil Scrappy Wife 2018 Girlfriend Is Dating or Married Who Now

As per marital status of Lil Scrappy; he is married. He celebrated wedding with Bambi Benson in 2017 followed by the engagement in 2016. It is stated that the couple met first time in 2014. Back in 2008, Lil had a relationship with an American rapper for the duration of 3 years. This couple got engaged too in those years but they called this relation off in 2011. Erica Dixon was his girlfriend in 2012 and they welcomed a daughter Emani Richardson but this couple got separated in 2013. Shay Johnson’s name is also associated with him. But they survived this link for a short period of time.

Lil Scrappy Wife 2018:

  • Bambi Benson

Lil Scrappy Girlfriend 2018:

  • Who is he dating now?

Bambi Benson

Lil Scrappy relation

Recently its also confirmed, that after few months Bambi and Scrappy will welcome their baby boy. Yes, he has now made up mind quite clear that he will spend his upcoming life with this partner. Furthermore, Bambi is having good relation with his daughter from another baby mama.

Lil Scrappy relation

His Girlfriends List:

  • Erica Dixon

Dating Year: From 2002 till 2013

  • Diamond (rapper)

Dating Year: From 2007 till 2011

  • Shay Johnson

Dating Year: From 2010 till 2013

  • Adiz Benson

Dating Year: In 2013

Lil Scrappy relationship

Furthermore, the following portion of this article is about the bio and career of Scrappy.

Reputable American rapper Darryl Kevin Richardson was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Now, he is recognized by his stage name Lil Scrappy. Momma Dee is his mother whereas Darryl Sr. is his father who left the family before his birth. So, his mother brought him up with the other siblings.

As a kid, Lil Scrappy wishes to become a rapper in the future. He started performing at local pubs. At one day, he was performing, where a producer of BME Recordings identified him; approached him and ask him to work for them. So, Lil Scrappy entered in the industry in 2002. In 2004, he launched an album with the collaboration of Trillville that was certified gold by RIAA and then he became notified in the industry. ‘Bred 2 Die Born 2 Live’ is his sole debut album launched in 2006 with the help of Cashville Records. His debut single ‘Money in the Bank’ is picturized on Young Buck too and the single was at the 28th position in Billboard Hot 100 chart. However, the second and the third singles of the album were equally praised.

In 2008, Lil Scrappy’s second album ‘Prince of the South’ was released under ‘Real Talk Entertainment’. Furthermore, he launched an independent album ‘Prince of the South 2’ in 2010, ‘The Gru$tle’ in 2012 and Confident is his recently launched album. He has also worked on collaborative albums too that includes ‘The King of Crunk & BME Recordings Present: Trillville & Lil Scrappy’ as well as ‘Silence & Secrecy: Black Rag Gang’. He was once called as a guest person in reality show.

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