Who is Kirsten Dunst Married to? Kirsten Dunst Husband Boyfriend 2021


Kirsten Dunst is recently got engaged with Jesse Plemons. These two first met in 2015 while working on the movie Fargo but at that time Dunst was dating to Garrett Hedlund. After four years of relationship with Garrett, she broke up with him. One month later she was seen with Jesse Plemons. However, the couple announced their relationship publically in 2016 and a few months earlier they got engaged. Her mother confirmed the news of her engagement on social media.

Who is Kirsten Dunst Married to?

  • Kirsten Dunst Husband:

Yet, Unmarried

During the career, Dunst was also associated with Jake Gyllenhaal in 2002. Jake is also a popular actor. They parted their ways in 2004. Meanwhile, Garrett Hedlund is also one of her ex-partners.

Kirsten Dunst Boyfriend 2021:

  • Jesse Plemons

Note: He is also the Kirsten Dunst fiance.

Dunst and Plemons

From their body language its looks like that they are comfortable with each other. All of their fans wish them a lot of cheerfulness.

  • A pic with Ex:

Dunst and Hedlund

Short Bio of Kirsten Dunst:

She is the eldest child of Inez Dunst and Hermann Dunst. She is from an average-middle class family as her parents did various odd jobs to supplement the family. Till 11, she lived in Brick Township, New Jersey along with her parents and studied at Ranney School there. Consequently, Dunst’s parents took divorced and then she traveled to Los Angeles along with her younger brother and mother. Later, Dunst went to Laurel Hall School and Notre Dame High School.

Career: Dunst’s mother motivated her to become an actor but she was not fascinated by acting though after gaining enough popularity she owes to her. At a very young age, Dunst gave her acting debut. In 1989, she presented a role in New York Stories as Lisa’s Daughter. She rose to prominence for portraying the role in ‘Interview with the Vampire’ as Claudia. Thereafter, Dunst had contributed a lot to the industry. She was starred in various television series, romantic dramas, and movies. She has also stolen the heart of millions of her fans from her lovely voice. She has sung several famous songs too.

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