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Who Is Katy Perry Dating Now Katy Perry Current Boyfriend 2016

Katy Perry Love life comprised number of break ups, and then back in again. She has a unique taste of choosing difficult guys for dating. So it’s not easy to handle a guy who is like Mustang, but she liked to challenge this kind of man. Current Boyfriend 2016: Now again she and John Mayer are ready to sleeping together again. No doubt she is most beautiful lady in world, so what she can see in him is a big secret. Now she deserves a true dating partner who is ready to spend whole life with her. From previous two years this couple has split up many times, so fairly its look that this relation will not work out for long period of time. Now if they are sincerer in this relation then should get married in 2016, how many times they repeat this On and OFF.

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson was his birth name, but professionally his identity is Katy Perry. She pursued a career in the gospel music right as a teenager singer and then get world wide fame. Although she achieved too much in professional life but little bit unfortunate in relationship life.

Katy Perry relation

One she married to Russell Brand, but this inning was lasted for only two years. She love this man not able to carry on this relation. Although currently he is dating with new boyfriend but she still keep talking publicly about ex husband.

Katy Perry relation

  • Who Is Katy Perry Dating Now Current Boyfriend 2016? John Mayer

 Katy Perry and Diplo

Relationship With Diplo:

In last year she was dating American DJ, as well a rapper Diplo. They are having this easy and fun kind of relationship between them.This pair got together at couple of Festival, most of the time they were seen together at the dinner in New York and number of time they also enjoyed in nightclub.

Ex Relations:

  • Johnny Lewis
  • Travie Mc Coy
  • Mika

John Mayer is the Katy Perry current boyfriend 2016! Now, if any one ask from you that who is Katy Perry dating now? Then we are sure that you must be having the answer! They make a beautiful couple, so if they will take decision of tying knot then it’s good for both of them. We will update the latest information if we will have in hand some other gossip and hot news about this relationship. As they are back together, that’s why every one is looking towards them that what they will do now.

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