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Dating Boyfriend Who in 2016? Now 27 years old Julianne Hough is in a relationship with Brooks Laich, by profession he is a (NHL) player. Prior to this relationship Laich had never seen any episode of her fiancé television series and Hough had never seen any game of Laich. These two are dating from previous four years and the couple officially got engaged in last year. Soon she is going to be married with her fiance. Now She and her upcoming husband find time for each other by staying at one place and by the use of technology to make their relationship lasting and stronger. She is so attractive so it’s important for fellow to full fill the whole requirement of such sweet lady to make a gorgeous couple. Before this engagement she has number of open romantic relations, still she is involve in love affairs but yet she is unmarried.

In 2008  Julianne Hough confessed that she is still a virgin in spite of being engaged to Zach Wilson who is also a dancer. Hough postponed her marriage with Zach. According to resources she also said that the relationship with Zach was just a rumor and also argued that Ohno was the main reason behind this separation.

 Julianne Hough relation

With Fiance:

Julianne Hough relation

Chuck Wicks was the first man for whom she has a strong feeling. His real name is Charles Elliot “Chuck” Wicks. He is famous American music singer. Their relationship didn’t last longer and these two dated for almost a year i.e. from 2008 to 2009. During 2009 both declare it a mutual break-up. She wrote a song after getting inspired from this relationship. After break up she wanted to stay single.

 Julianne Hough relation

Within 5 months of separation Hough began dating with Ryan. Hence, since 2010, she was romantically involved with the host of American Idol Ryan Seacrest. These two dated for almost 3 years and then got separated. Hough and Ryan first met when Hough was personally involved with Chuck.

 Julianne Hough relation

Bio: This American born dancer turned actress was born in, USA as Julianne Alexandra Hough. She is the daughter of Mari Anne and Bruce Robert Hough. According to profession her father was a former Chairman of the Party. Her parents met during the college days, where both took participate in a ball room dancing team. From her parents she has four sibling’s one brother and 3 sisters and she is youngest from all. After 10 years her parents got separated. Derek Hough, her brother is also a professional dancer.

Despite of her professional and personal life she is like a dream girl, every man wants to build romantic relation with such gorgeous lady. But its little bit unfortunate that she engaged twice but till not married, its look that this time she will marry with this current boyfriend in 2016. Hope so this time it will work for her whole life.

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