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Who is Jaden Smith Current Girlfriend 2015 Dating at the Moment

It is this Jaden Smith who has been the well known actor and also a rapper in the age of 17. As he is future coming star; his fan club want to aware from all about the dating life and relationship status of this young actor and also a rapper! Right from this post, one covers all aspects that who Jaden Smith current girlfriend is, along this with whom he is dating at the moment in 2015? “Amandla Stenberg” Yes, she is one who has been linked with Jaden Smith during these days! It is in this present year that they started to date. They looks a best couple due to best chemistry among their face shape. Naturally both are black so their hair nature is also same; in short they are best for each other. With respect to profession she is a voice actress from America along this she also had done strong roles in couple of movies named

  • Colombiana
  • The Hunger Games

Jaden Smith and Amandla Stenberg

“Dated with Madison Pettis”

Yes, he was in a relationship with this girl, she is one pretty girl with curly hairs. In this small age this is not first relationship of this boy. For this, it also the viewpoint of Jaden Smith parents that their kids should be allowed to live their lives like the way they want to! If they want to date, they can! That is why Jaden Smith has started off with his dating at such a young age.

Jaden Smith and Madison Pettis

“Dated with Kylie Jenner”

It was on November 2013 that it has been in the media reports that make this indication that Smith has been dating this reality start beauty Kylie Jenner. It was too seen that Jenner also wrote in social media in 2013 that although he just cannot remember exactly that when they met, but all time passing together is memorable for them! It was then Kylie Jenner who soon left Smith for this rapper Tyga.

Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner

Other EX Relationships:

  • He too dated Stella Hudgens in 2011.
  • He dated Sofia Richie from 2012 till 2013.
  • He also dated Kylie Jenner in 2013.

We try that every of his fan fully known that who is Jaden Smith current girlfriend? If you desire for some more about the dating happenings at the moment in 2015 of this young guy then wait some more time because in future confirm news reveal that is he stay with this lady or moves next to romance with next one.

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