Who is Isco Baby Mama? Isco Wife Girlfriend 2021

The professional lives of Spanish footballers are filled with the elements of spice. In the same way, their personal lives also carry that spark. So to catch up with the dating phase of Isco, here you are! Right now, he is in a genuine dating relationship with a Spanish actress. In the last year, they confirmed this loving connection. And from that time to till now, this couple is making many public appearances too. Before this, he is the father of a beautiful baby boy. But, now he and his baby mama are no more together.

Isco Girlfriend 2021:

  • She is Sara Salamo

Before they officially announced this relationship, their love speculations were in the air. They liked each of their social media pictures and posts. From this gesture, their fans thought that something is cooking up between them. So after months of sharing and liking the pictures, they finally open up their hearts and confirmed that they are in love!

It was right after this Canal theatre date that they made this news, they have fallen in love together. Through their Instagram posts and social media sharing stuff, lots of big clues and so many hints were given to their fans they are involved with each other.

Who is Sara Salamo?

  • As we have explained earlier that she is a Spanish actress and she is 28 years old.

Isco and Salamo

Who is Isco Baby Mama?

When he got into relation with Victoria Calderon Montanez then his son birth took place. The ex-relationship life of this Spanish footballer shows that he was involved in many relationships, but he failed to find a true love of life.

Isco Wife 2021:

  • Yet not Married

Ex Relationship:

Isco previously dated Carmen Munoz, she is a model. But their relationship ended on the quick notes and he moved on his relationship status by affiliating himself with Sara.

But yes Sara is the real girl of his life. As both of them are dating yet and getting to know each other more and more. Right now, no one knows that when a complete level of understanding will develop between them. Both are doing great in their professional lives and their personal life moments are also going just wow as their current status states!

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