Who is Felicia Day Baby Daddy Husband Boyfriend Married to

She was born in Huntsville, but there is no information regarding family background of this beautiful and multi-talented American lady. However, Felicia is doing acting since the age of 8 when she was casted for local production movie. She is home-schooled during her childhood. Felicia professionally learnt ballet dancing and operatic singing. Moreover, she performed at concerts various times and participated in the competitions too. At 16, Felicia went to the college and achieved a Bachelor diploma in mathematics. She also did graduation in violin. Felicia traded to LA to embark her professional career. Consequently, she gave her appearance in various popular short films, independent films, commercials and television programs. Now she is a well-known comedian actress, turned writer.

Who is Felicia Day Baby Daddy or Boyfriend?

 She has undertaken a low profile of her connubial life and enjoyed her pregnancy. However, recently she revealed that she is expecting a baby girl but has not mentioned who is the father of the baby.

  • Cong! But, all of her fans want to know that who this is?

Reports state that Nathan Fillion is her boyfriend these days. He is a Canadian actor. Nine years ago together these two were starred in a drama. Afterward they were divulged as real life couple.

  • Husband:

At present her marital status states that she is unmarried.

Is he Married? Not

best looking Felicia

She is the popular name in the world of web video, in front and behind of the camera. She was featured in the internet musical which was placed at the eight position declare by the Times Magazine. She received much fame from Bluffy the Vampire Slayer

Felicia has also formed and performed the hit web series ‘The Guild’, which is currently presenting its sixth season. The series has achieved many awards and nominations for web video excellence. She is the owner of the production company too and has produced several innovative web series. Her YouTube channel has millions of subscribers and viewers. She is also the publisher of journal. Her several upcoming projects are on the way.

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