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Who is Eva Longoria Married to? Eva Longoria Husband 2020 Boyfriend

Impressively, the 46 years old Eva Longoria is still a beautiful lady. From the time of his early career years to the current context, a list of well-known personalities came in her life. But her married life was not too lucky, as twice the time he was divorced. Here we strive to cover her love life, which starts with his first boyfriend and husband to the current status that who is Eva Longoria married to in 2020? Let’s begin with her first love, that is with Tyler Christopher. Right after a few months of this relation, both of them decided to tied wed knot. But this was their wrong decision, so after two years of wedding, they had decided to part their ways from each other. After this Eva Longoria has decided to focus on work and said that now she waits for the right option.

Then the time in between first and second marriage she dating with multiple men. But finally, she gave her heart to Tony Parker. This time she is quite mature so both decide to engage first. During the period between engagement and married they live together. In this period of time, they get enough time to understand each other. After five years of the first marriage, Eva Longoria decides to marry the second hubby.

Eva Longoria relation

For a duration of about four years, they spend a happy life together, but a twist appears in their relationship when Eva Longoria filed for divorce. This is quite unexpected for every fan.

Following this split up, she tells that Tony Parker cheated her with some other women, on asking for proving she replies that she sees hundreds of other girl’s messages in Tony Parker’s phone.

Who is Eva Longoria Married to?

  • Yes, for the third time, she got married to José Bastón. Right now, she seems quite proud of this relation.

Eva Longoria Husband 2020:

  • Yes, a successful businessman José Bastón is the Eva Longoria husband 2020.

Eva Longoria new relationship Jose Antonio Baston

Images Gallery with ex Relationships:

Her Ex Husbands:

  • Tyler Christopher
  • Tony Parker

Her Ex-Boyfriends:

  • C. Chasez
  • Eduardo Cruz
  • Mark Sanchez
  • Ernesto Arguello

Eva Longoria Boyfriend:

  • Right now, she is not part of any other extra-martial relation.

A pic with Current Husband:

Eva Longoria relation

Third Married Life:

As she is a pretty lady so numbers of options are waiting to tie the knot with her. After the second divorce, she seems quite serious with José Bastón. So last year, they decided to make this relationship permanent. As right now they are good with each other and spend a peaceful life.

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