Who is Diplo Dating 2018 DJ Diplo Girlfriend Wife Son Baby Mother

In this writing, we are attempting to cover the whole aspect of DJ Diplo personal life, that who is Diplo Girlfriend Dating in 2018 along with intro of her baby mother and wife. But firstly, we analyze a short summary of his early life. This well-known personality of the music industry was born in Mississippi, but during his early days, his family moved a lot. So he also traveled with them and moved to many regions of South. As his roots are from Florida so at the end they went to Florida to live. His father has its own bait shop; while his mother was also going there for a part-time job. He said about his dad that he was a great man. His parents are still living in the city of Florida. For educational purpose, he went to Philadelphia, where he receives name DJ. At a very young age, he was inspired by DJ Laz and Miami bass. In an interview, he revealed that he worked as a social worker before the start of his career in Philly.

  • Personal Life:

Who is DJ Diplo Girlfriend Dating in 2018? Rumors are with Rita Ora

At the current time, Thomas Wesley Pentz is the father of two sons. Meanwhile, Kathryn Lockhart is the mother of his children, to whom he dated for five years. It is also reported that both were in an off-and-on association. But every day he used to spend most of his time with his kids.

Who is Diplo Dating 2018 DJ Diplo Girlfriend Wife Son Baby Mother

Diplo relation

Apart from this, he was dated to few most beautiful ladies of the music industry, whose detail is also giving in later part of the article.

  • Diplo Baby Mother: Kathryn Lockhart

Relationship Status

  • DJ Diplo Current Girlfriend: Officially Single

Previously, he was dating with three pretty ladies, all of these are just beauties.

1: Starts from Diplo relationship with Katy Perry who is also an American singer. This relation has lasted for almost one year.

Diplo relation

2: Second media also reported his relationship with Taylor Swift. But twist come in this relation when he criticized her. This may cause of this split up, he also admitted this mistake.

Diplo relation

3: Lastly his love story with Madonna was recording, although everyone was assuming that this couple had begun a long journey. But they failed to do this.

Diplo relation

Who is Diplo Dating 2018? Single

After three breakups in last year right now he is single. It will see that he looks a girlfriend with which he married. But this all is very early to say because it also rumors that he also keep in touch with his baby mother. So it’s early to predict his upcoming relation. As an affair will report in upcoming days it must reveal at this place.

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