Who Is Dave Batista Married To? Bautista Wife Girlfriend 2021

Well, the marital life of 51 years old Dave is very interesting, as till now he married thrice and first two marriages were ended up with divorce. In the early 90s, Dave tied the nuptial knot with Glenda Bautista. The couple spent 8 years together and gave birth to two beautiful daughters named Keilani (1990) and Anthena (1992). They called off their relationship in 1998. Right after the separation with Glenda, he married to Angie Bautista. This marriage also lasted for 8 years and they split up in 2008. Together they have no kid.

After the second divorce, he was involved in a love of Perez, a WWE Diva which might be the reason for divorce with Angie. He also dated to Rosa Mendes. Both of these two are talented WWE divas.

Years later, he remarried to Sarah Jade. The couple shared the marriage vows in 2015. And now they are in the fifth year of this beautiful life journey.

  • Who Is Dave Batista Married to?

Dave Bautista Wife 2021:

  • Surely, Sarah Jade is the Dave Bautista wife 2021.

Dave Bautista Girlfriend:

  • He is now a loving husband of the beautiful Sarah Jade.

Dave Batista relation

Short Bio on Dave Bautista:

His mother(Donna Raye) is from Greek ancestry while David Michael Bautista, his father was a Filipino immigrant. Dave had a very difficult childhood as his parents divorced and he didn’t have a rich background too. His father did various odd jobs to supplement his family so by the age of 13, Dave was involved in street crimes like stealing automobiles.

At 17, Dave began living independently and engaged himself in different jobs. His first job was a bouncer for clubs then he worked as a lifeguard. While working as a lifeguard, Dave attached to bodybuilding and then later became a WWE wrestler.

A gallery of the Bautista Ex-Partner.

WWE Batista Ex-Wife Name: Glenda (1990-1998), Angie (1998-2006)

dave batista relation

Short Career Detail of Dave Bautista:

In 1999, Bautista’s journey with WWE commenced and ended in 2014. In 2000, Bautista presented his debut appearance using his ring name ‘Leviathan’ in ‘Ohio Valley Wrestling’. In 2000, he adopted ‘Batista’ his ring name by signing with WWE. From 2000-2010, he signed with WWE and again with them in 2013-2014. He has bragged multiple accolades throughout his professional career.

He is a world champ of 6 times, four times WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship and two times WWE Championship. Furthermore, he is among those wrestlers who have seized the record of the longest reign as World Heavyweight Champion at about 282 days. He is the winner of the World Tag Team Championship thrice and WWE Tag Team Championship once.

Besides a wrestler, Dave is also a promising actor. He gave his acting debut in 2006. He has a list of successful projects that mainly includes ‘The Man with the Iron Fists’, ‘Spectre’ and much more. However, he is highly recognized for portraying the role of Drax in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’. Nowadays, he is working on more projects.

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