Who Is Dating Who in WWE 2015

john cena gf

Huge number of wrestling fans want to know that who is dating who in WWE in the year 2015? Well if yes then just get ready because this post will take you inside the world of the WWE superstars and their dating stories in 2015! Although the star given are involve in multiple relationship but this given details is of currently dating status. Starts from John Cena: John cena is named as being the most famous and yet the worldwide popular WWE wrestlers every year. Number of female fans of this wrestler loves him but there is sad news for all of them is that he will soon be getting knot in the relation of marriage. This year in 2015 he is dating Nicole Garcia (Nikki Bella)! They met for the first time in the year 2012 and till now they are dating each other.  Rumor have unveiled that they will be getting married at the end of 2015.

  • Seth Rollins: In the next of who is dating who in WWE we have Seth rollins! Seth Rollins is another one of the top most wanted WWE stars in 2015. It has been reported that Seth rollins and leighla Schultz engaged . But now news come that due to misunderstanding at a major issue this engagement is break off. It came into view when leighla Schultz has changed her Facebook status to Single. They have been together for the last so many years. But still the couple hasn’t confirmed their break up yet!
  • Randy Ortan: Very few fans know that famous wrestler Randy Orton was married at some point of time! He got married with Samantha Speno few years back! After getting separated from the marriage relation he started dating Jessica Huntington. They stayed together for just few time period. These days as in 2015 this superstar is dating Kim Marie Kessler.

john cena gf

Stars of WWE Who Is Dating Who in 2015:

Dolph Ziggler Dating 

Dean Ambrose Dating

Wade Barrett Dating

Dave Batista Dating

Roman Reigns Dating

Seth Rollins Dating

John Cena Dating

Randy Ortan Dating

Nikki Bella: In the last we have Nikki Bella! She is named as being the Diva Championship holder and is quite famous as well. Number of time Nikki Bella was captured in the public places with the superstar John Cena. Rumor also came up that both have married secretly but it just came up as a rumor. Till now Nickie Bella is single and she is not dating anyone!

Divas of WWE Who Is Dating Who in 2015:

Paige WWE Dating

Kelly Kelly Dating 

Tamina Snuka Dating 

Melina Perez Dating 

Ronda Rousey Dating 

Celeste Bonin Dating 

Brooke Adams Dating 

This is the complete list about who is dating who in WWE in 2015 that starts from male stars and end at pretty divas that always ! If you want to know about more dating stories of wwe stars in 2015 as well to knows their updated relationships than just visit this webpage now!


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