Who is Common the Rapper Dating Right Now 2015 Common Girlfriend Wife

It was in last year that Common the rapper giving this statement that he is single now! After this every of his fan is just in search of the girlfriend who is he dating right now in 2015. Partying with Lupita Nyong’o: From the beginning of this year they was enjoying together at number of occasions. They look cute and close, so couple was reported as a man and Wife. Source said that they were not expecting such media hype, but after facing such circumstances that was affecting their personal life. They had decided to not open things in future. This is the reason that a witness caught them; when they was enjoying a night together secretly in a Bar. Right now apparently its look that everything is going over between them but what things going on is in secret. Further official statement decides better their current relationship detail.

Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr Common Wife: He is not married. Now he is of 43 years but till not decides to make any Girlfriend a Permanent Life Partner.

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Is Common and Ex Girl friend Serena Williams Back Together?

Yes, he was actually spotted with Serena Williams after a party! Then right after this was reported that they were going together for romance. In Past they open up the relationship when they were really close to each other; couple of time they also caught at beach. Due to tight schedule they were not spotting together during this and previous year, after which their split up news viral at media. Again this year they had spotted together that looks they are back. Any authenticated source had not confirmed this news so wait for official announcement.

Common relations

Another Pic:

Common relations

Common the Rapper Romantic Relationships

  • Yes, we have heard it that Common did used to have romantic and dating relationships with singer named as Erykah Badu.

Common relations

  • We also saw that he also had a dating relationship with Taraji P. Henson.

Common relations

Common the Rapper Baby Mama:

Yea he is baby daddy of a girl; He and his first girlfriend from Nigeria had given birth to daughter. At that time he is not a super star that’s why media has not info of this lady.

Common Said that He is not Marriage Material

He has admitted that he is not marriage material! He also said that he is having over and massive breakups in his life and now he want to build a long relationships that is for long period of time but now in this age its not easy to married with any of Partner!

Currently this is the available detail that who is Common the rapper dating right now 2015 girlfriend or wife, yes he is single or dating Lupita! It sure that this time personal life details of Common the rapper is in secret, if it reveal it must available here.

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