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Until now, Brinkley was divorced four times and is the mother of three children. First, she wedded a French man Jean-Francois Allaux who is an artist by profession. After eight years of togetherness, they got separated, has no children. Secondly, she married a famous musician Billy Joel. Among all the marriages this was the most popular one. During this wedding life, she gave birth to a daughter named Alexa Ray Joel. But this journey lasted for nine years. In the same year of split up with the second hubby, she met to a real estate developer Richard Taubman. In no time, she wedded to him. But this marriage lasted for just one year with a baby boy named Jack Paris Taubman.

Fourth and the last time, she coupled with an architect Peter Halsey Cook. During this partnership, she gave birth to a daughter named Sailor Brinkley Cook. She is just like her mother. But after 12 years of marital life, she filed for a divorce from this husband too.

Christie Brinkley Boyfriend 2020:

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“With Fourth and Last Husband”

Christie Brinkley relation

Who is Christie Brinkley Married to Now?

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Right now, she is in search of an appropriate partner.

“Her Third Husband”

Christie Brinkley relation

“Her Second Husband”

Christie Brinkley relation

For the last time, she was tied up with John Mellencamp. But they failed to build solid chemistry.

“A pic with the last boyfriend”

Christie Brinkley relation

One of the prettiest actress and model Christie Brinkley was born in Detroit. But she raised up her stepfather. This is the reason that Christie adopted the surname of her step-father. When living in Pacific Palisades California, she started her education from Palisades High School. After graduation, she went to Paris, France to take admission in an art school.

The saddest part of her life is that her father Don Brinkley was suffering from a very dangerous disease Parkinson and he died on 14th July 2012. In the same year, Marge Brinkley (her mother) also suffered from a severe heart attack. Thus in September 2012 her mother also passed away just two months after the death of her father.

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