Who is Carlos Bocanegra Wife Name Girlfriend Married to Personal Life

This former soccer player was born in Upland but grew up in Alta Loma. He is the son of Mexican descent father. He has a brother who was also a soccer player of Cucamonga College. He attended the High School. After that he was presented a scholarship for American football but he was selected for the soccer. Then, he attended the University and studied geography and history. While at Uni, Carlos Bocanegra became a member of professional soccer club based in the Chicago. Subsequently, he signed an agreement with MLS (Major League Soccer). Immediately he became the top champion of MLS and earned the title Rookie of the year.  Twelve years ago he attracted the attention of spectators when he signed with Fulham and his fans starts calling him ‘The Jackel’. Later, he did an agreement with Rennes and played league matches.

Who is Carlos Bocanegra Wife?

This 37 years old former soccer player has kept his personal life very private. There is no information about his love life. Once his name was involved with a girlfriend but no one knows the name of this lady. So it is believed that currently, Bocanegra is enjoying his life alone.

Is he Married? May or May Not

  • Girlfriend Name: Single

Note: Few of his wedding pictures viral at social media but any official has not confirmed that this is a really function or just a Photo Shoot.

He is also recognized at an international level too. Firstly, he played at the FIFA world Youth Championship for his homeland. Subsequently, he was appeared in many international matches. Moreover, he also played for Scottish Premier League and Racing Santander. Three years ago it was reported that he again signed with MLS for Chivas club.

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He had also holds the captaincy of the team. During his career, he severed as the team captain for 64 times. In addition, he is the technical director of MLS Atlanta from last year. So, Bocanegra has earned most of his income from professional career that includes salaries, winnings, contracts and many more. Till now he has made $ 12 million in his career.

His fans also support him very well. A top sports center organized a meet and greets session for Bocanegra at start of this year. It is supposed that he has also distributed several gifts among his fans that may include singed items or autograph. Right now his fans has only one question in mouth that when and who he is married or he is not straight. But he always take these private matter in secret.

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