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Who is Brad Pitt Girlfriend 2019 after Neri Oxman Reject Married Rumors

Brad Pitt’s personal life is a mixture of happiness and sadness. He was married twice but had many match-ups in the industry. Recently, he broke up from second wife Angelina Jolie. The duo first encounter in 2004, at that time Brad was married to Jennifer Anniston. Quickly, the pair got split up and these two began dating. Years later the duo decided to tie in a strong relationship and shared the marriage vows in 2014 in France at a secret ceremony. After twelve years of togetherness, the couple split up. On September 2016, Angelina filed for the divorce and also made a petition for custody of their children. Together the couple has six children’s, there of them are biological while the other three are adopted and are from Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Cambodia.

Prior to Angelina, Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Anniston. The couple first met in a blind date by their agents in 1998. On July 2000, they got married. Till four years, they were considered as the happily married couple of the industry.

Though in January 2005, media declare the news about their separation and after two months Aniston filed for divorce. By October 2, 2005, their divorce process was finalized. The couple had no children’s. It is speculated that Angelina Jolie was the reason for separation.

Who is Brad Pitt Girlfriend 2019 after Neri Oxman Reject Married Rumors

Brad and Aniston

Before marriage, Brad Pitt was in a relationship with his co-star. In 1996 Brad Pitt got officially engaged with Gwyneth Paltrow. A few months later i.e. on June 1997 their engagement was ended.

During 1980-1990, Brad Pitt’s name is associated with many beautiful co-star actors like Robin Givens, Jill Schoelen and Juliette Lewis too.

Brad and Paltrow

Brad Pitt Girlfriend 2019:


Recently, Neri Oxman has rejected all the rumors of her relationship with Brad Pitt. She stated that her dating or married speculations with brad are totally fake.

Brad and Jolie

For the first time, Brad Pitt came to limelight in 1995 from fiction film ’12 monkeys’ by doing supporting role and achieved ‘Golden Globe Award’ and selected for ‘Academy Award’. He is also recognized in the comic world by giving a performance in the notable sitcom ‘Friends’.

Furthermore, Brad Pitt is one of the leading actors who is granted by the ‘Volphi Cup’ Award for his work in his own production house. His role in ‘Inglorious Basterds is immensely praised and is nominated several many times several awards for this character. Right now he is one of the top actors of the industry.

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