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Who is Bonnie Hunt Married to? Bonnie Hunt Husband

A pretty girl is always looks beautiful from time of teenagers to till enters in age 50 or more then it like Bonnie Hunt. She is a lovely lady with a smiley face and best acting skills. With passage of time attitude is build in her personality that is a major part of her attraction grooming. Her fans are found in all over the world; after divorce from Bonnie Hunt ex husband they all wants to knows that now who is Bonnie Hunt married to. Before going to depth of this relationship story her it’s important to gives a personal life back ground because they are inters connected. With respect to profession she is excellent throughout her career. She always tries to perform naturally that is the reason of her successful career without having any industry background. Moving towards her some personal life background then she belongs to a poor family. This is the reason that she gets a role in series when she is 30 years old and then onward her On and Off career starts that later on change into outstanding name of industry; before this she also serve as nurse. After this short intro moving towards her first marriage:

Bonnie Hunt First Marriage with John Murphy:

Bonnie Hunt first married to John Murphy, this is her first love. After marriage both of them decides to keep their relationship in secret from media. Due to which for a long period of time media is UN aware form their relationship status. Then a rumor float on media that Bonnie Hunt is Single, later on in 2006 she confirmed that after spending a long time with John now she decides for split up.

Old Picture:

Bonnie Hunt ex relation

Reason of this Divorce:

She also rumored to date with David Letterman that may be the reason of this divorce.

Bonnie Hunt Husband: Single

Now who is Bonnie Hunt married to?

According to latest updated she is single, although when she becomes a mature lady then her attraction is also going high but she thinks that now time for marriage is over. So right now no one claims that he is Bonnie Hunt Husband. If in upcoming days she starts dating with a man and they also comes at media then this news must break at this place.

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