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Who is Bill Maher Married to? Bill Maher Wife Girlfriend 2021

From last many years, Bill supports same-gender marriage but he is straight as we look onto his relations. He has a long history of relationships but never gets married. In 1988, Bill was spotted with Tracy Richman and in 1989 their relationship ended. In the following year, he was candid with Adrienne Barbeau. Later he had a brief relationship with Brook Machealani Lee. In 2003, Bill started dating to Kaya Jones. The pair dated for 1 year and then separated in 2004. Thora Birch was his girlfriend in 2005. After this breakup, his relationship with Karrine Steffans was trending over media for a time duration of three years.

Apart from them, he was involved in many other relationships too. Recently he had a connection with Anjulie Persaud.

  • Who is Bill Maher Married to?

Bill Maher Wife:

  • Now he is unmarried but may be involved with anyone.

Bill Maher Girlfriend 2021:

  • Not Sure, that he is single or Anjulie Persaud is his gf.

After a brief review of Bill’s personal life, take a look at his early life and career.

Short Bio on Bill Maher:

Bill’s father was a journalist by profession whereas his mother did a nursing job. Moreover, he spent his childhood days near River Vale, New Jersey and then joined Pascack Hills High School and Cornell University to receive his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English during 1978.

Right after graduation, Bill start performing as an actor and stand-up comedian. In 1979, he was offered to host the comic club of New York City ‘Catch a Rising Star’. From 1993-1997 he was associated with Comedy Central’s talk show ‘politically Incorrect with Bill Maher’ as host and then it was on-aired on ABC from 1997-2002. In the chorus, the show was given by many significant awards like (Emmy, Genesis) and much more.

the brilliant Bill Maher

In 2003, Bill began focusing on his own show ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ as a producer, writer, and host broadcasted from HBO. By 2016 HBO made notable improvements in its 15th and 16th season. Moreover, Bill was seen frequently on different networks like FOX News, MSNBC, CNN and HLN doing commentary. However, he was seen most frequently in ‘The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer’, and ‘Hardball with Chris Matthews’. While doing commenting he was not bound to a specific topic, he discussed almost every subject whether it is related to bureaucracy, mass media, religion, political correctness, and politics. And he has a good grip on these topics.

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