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Who is Bella Thorne Boyfriend 2019? Bella Thorne Ex Fiance Relationships

It is just from the last few months that the beautiful Bella Thorne is into a new relationship! Yes, we are talking about Benjamin Mascolo, who is the new boyfriend of Bella Thorne. It is seen that both of them have been taking their relationship at a slow pace so that they might not face any conflict. Furthermore, Bella knew him from last many years and it is a long time to know each other. After back to back breakups, Bella made up her mind that Mascolo is the right choice. Surely, this man is not a bad option for her; he is handsome, he is talented and most importantly seems loyal towards her.

No doubt, she is one of cutest American actresses and singer as well! She is just 21 years but his relationship history has number boyfriends.

Who is Bella Thorne Boyfriend 2019?

  • The handsome Benjamin Mascolo is the Bella Thorne Boyfriend 2019. Right now, they spend most of the time together to build a solid understanding. Let wait and see the future of this relation.

With Ex:

Bella Thorne relation

Bella Thorne Ex Fiance:

There is two news of her ex engagements. Before a beginning of the current love story, he was in a relationship with a rapper Mod Sun and a YouTuber girl Tana Mongeau simultaneously. So few of media person claimed that she got engaged with both of them. But formally, it’s not sure that she engaged with any of them or not.

With Ex-Boyfriend:

Bella Thorne relation

Bella Thorne Ex Relationships:

The list of Bella Thorne ex relationships is very lengthy. That’s why here we sort out only those who got some media attention with her. Let’s start from

  • Gregg Sulkin

Their relationship lasted for two years, although their engagement also rumored; but they were not able to build much understanding. They announced their break up through social media. They unfollowed each other on Twitter because both of them were having immense difficulties in their ongoing relationship.

Next, we have the name of

  • Tristan Klier
  • Garrette Backstrom, Cody Simpson and many more…

No doubt, in just a short period of time, she got the experience of multiple relations, maybe the reasons for breakups are her immaturity. Hopefully this time she will build a strong bonding. Because she took much time to choose this gentleman.

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