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Who Is Antonela Roccuzzo? The Wife Of Global Superstar Footballer Lionel Messi In 2021

Who Is Antonela Roccuzzo?

Antonela is a trained dentist & studied dentistry in the university but is currently a model having signed a contract with Ricky Sarkany in 2016. Antonela is known to be Lionel Messi’s childhood sweetheart with the pair having met at a young age through a childhood friend of Lionel’s.

Lionel Messi & Antonela Roccuzzo On The Way To Paris – Via Twitter

When Did They Meet?

Antonela & Lionel Messi are childhood sweethearts whom met when they were kids from a family friend of the Messi family. The story is commonly told as Messi being lovestruck when he first saw Antonela when we was about 7 years old and the pair kept contact throughout when in 2007, Messi confirmed the rumours of Antonela & himself being in a relationship whilst officially marrying in 2017 dubbed “the marriage of the century” in Argentina, the birthplace of the pair.

Antonela & Lionel Pictured With Their Children – Via Twitter


Are They Still Together?

Yes, Lionel & Antonela are still together and happily married. They now reside in Paris following Lionel’s transfer to PSG after decades at his home in Barcelona came to an end, the pair are stronger than ever.

Antonela & Her Family During Christmas – Via Twitter


We wish Antonela & Messi a happy marriage.



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