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Who is Adam Hicks Girlfriend Dating in 2018

Currently, personal life of Adam Hicks is not going on in the right direction. At the beginning of 2018, he was arrested in the allegation of robbing two old ladies. As per reports, his girlfriend is also a major character in this robbery case. That’s the reason that all of his fans and hater are anxious to know that who is Adam Hicks girlfriend dating in 2018? She is not an actress or singer. Her name is Danni Tamburo, who is not belonging to the entertainment industry. Before this relationship, her love stories with Brianna McCracken and  Chelsea Ricketts were trending over media. Undoubtedly, during the time of Hicks mother death, Ricketts was like a supporting hand for him. Probably, she plays a major role to take Adam out from this terrible kind of ordeal.

But no one knows, that why this beautiful couple was decided to part their ways. And right this break up, Adam Hicks choose a wrong life partner.

  • Who is Adam Hicks Girlfriend in 2018?

Currently, he and Danni Tamburo are dating

This year Adam Hicks is having the age of 25. He is the best and an ultimate one American actor and also a superb rapper. In this age, he has a huge number of fans, but currently, his career seems to over.

Who is Adam Hicks Girlfriend Dating in 2018

First Relationship:

It is since the time period from 2008 till 2010 that Adam Hicks had a dating relationship with Brianna Mc Cracken. For the time of 2 years, they had a nice timing together. But after two years, things started to be getting tough between them. We know that many of their fans wanted to see this couple for the longest time but they split after a short time.

Adam Hicks relations

After this breakup and before the beginning of relation with Chelsea he reported to date with two more pretty girls named

  • Bridgit Mendler
  • Lili Simmons

One of his pic with Ex:

Adam Hicks relations

He is a handsome star celebrity but looks not selective in relationships, that why he ruined his career too. As soon as if some more happening stuff will occur in his life then must update. But right now, he is passing a very difficult time.

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