What does it Feel Like to Kiss Someone you Love

A random opinion about kiss is that one just suspended lips in one another. But this concept is totally changed when one fall in love with someone. This can alter the entire feelings, so what does it feel like to kiss someone you Love are some special moment in relationship life of a couple. Some time it changes the emotional feelings, its feels that vibration is travel from up to down in body. Possibly one of the best feelings learned in a love story, one can never forget the time when come closer to her lips. It was completely UN predicted that what occurred. One can only predict all happening if it had already done, it’s not possible to forget these feelings. During this long kiss it felt that may number of years passed before unlock lips that are connect and then split. One cannot explain this experience in word that what was happening during this lip lock but sure it was special moments. Before to going to share some experiences of this kiss, here we update tips that makes this time more beautiful.

Tips for Perfect Kiss

Before going to kiss analyze right time to Start. Like when one is on date then time of romantic discussion is best for this action.

  • Second the place is very important when one start it, select a place where one get time for long lip lock.
  • Thirdly right eye contact is also important, before starting, in between and then right after kiss are important time.

In order to make a kiss long keep your hand in control, like don’t take it to tights or breast. This thing makes your partner uncomfortable that also reduce timing with girlfriend.

Some Special Feelings


  • Special physical feelings that comes into body after contact of the Lips
  • Force of attraction between lips is going high as it become long lasting.
  • Tending to be Anxious, Nothing comes in mind that what’s Going On.
  • At start I was feeling that she can’t trust, because she shiver for a while but after couple of seconds we both going attracted.

loving tips


  • At starts it’s hard to deal, but after three or four second all things were going better.
  • During Kiss his eye contact like to be express special kind of felling, although my excitement is is also going high, but my heart beat is going fast with passage of time.
  • It’s similar to the situation that comes just before strike of water when one is going to pool.
  • He starts it slowly, and then come closer and closer. May be he takes time to do all things perfectly.

If one view the opinions that what does it feel like to kiss someone, then final conclusion is that this is excited time for couple. Basically love is a simple name of some special feeling, some of people that Kiss is noting. Actually this is a important part of couple before and after marriage.

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