What are the Worst Things to do in a Relationship? Reasons to Break Up

Relationships are really precious and worth keeping in one’s life. One should be really careful about one’s relationship. What are the Worst Things to do in a Relationship? Reasons to Break Up plays an important role in short time relation. Most of the relations come to an end just because of the harsh words that comes out of your mouth either accidentally or consciously but you speak out harsh words they never come back. Though you call them just a slip of tongue yet they hurt the listener deep in heart. So, you should be aware of whatever you speak and say to your partner. Here we have listed some of the worst things that you can say to your partner that may lead the breaking of your once beautiful relationship. These worst words should be avoided at every cost. The situation also matters a lot in this regard. Sometimes, your partner being in a light happy mood can take your words just as a joke but sometimes being in bad mood, a single pinching word can affect the strength of your relationship.

Let’s discuss some of the worst things that you can say in a relationship.

  • Questioning the manliness of your partner can be really abusive comment and with take your partner at a defensive mood at once. Even if you have a long time relationship of romance and healthy term, asking your partner to be a man may result in a macho attitude you asked for. You may find him cursing, shouting and drinking etc.
  • Do not ever try to underestimate the mental capabilities of your girl by saying that she would not understand. She may take it as a direct challenge to her intelligence. She may get hurt or angry on the very fact that you do not find her smart enough to understand your feelings by saying “you will not understand”.


  • No man or women would wish to be told that he/she is like his/her mom/dad. No matter how much they love their parents but they still are afraid of being exactly like their parents. So, love and praise your partner for hid/her own personality.
  • Cutting off a conversation by saying “I do not care” can be really hurting to your partner because he/she may be talking about something serious or is trying to express his/her special feelings for you.
  • Do not ever try to compare your partner with your friend’s wife or husband. It is a compliment or an appreciation, he/she is more likely to take it negatively and it may the last thing that your partner would like to hear. It will put your loyalty in to question.

Apart from the above mentioned things, there are a lot more things that you know are not liked by your partner.If one understand that what are the worst things to do in a relationship? reasons to break up then your relation becomes more long lasting. Be aware of them and try to talk according to the situation.

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