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No doubt if one will be treating each other in a precious way then your partnership will be able to go on for years and years. This relationship should not be taken for granted. Saying things and showing them are two different objects. These special lines are fit on private life of Wale. Last year his association with Amelia Knox was reported, no doubt he is dating with this pretty lady, it’s been only a year that this couple emerge their relationship. But now again he is expecting child with ex girlfriend. Let us see that for how much time this relationship will be surviving and living on. Hope we will be able to see strong and touchy and more firm side of this rapper. After back together during 2016 she is girlfriend do Wale. After inquiring this query now moves on too next question about his wife that who is he married to!

This time Olubowale Victor Akintimehin showed his long time partner that he love her in a real way. That’s why she is ready to become mother of his child. But currently its not confirm that when their married life will begin. Before this it was said by Wale that his ex miscarriage that makes his life just drove him to depression and also indulge him habit drugs.

It was said by him too that the girl he was with, they tried for a long time to have that child, when she finally got pregnant then she had a miscarried at 10 or 11 weeks.

“Girlfriend 2016: Chloe Jourdan

About ex he also said that at that time they too gave it a name but all of that went away. He is in quit in shock after this worst decision of his ex relation! Its important to clear here that She is the same lady he back together again and expecting baby once again.

Wale relation

  • Wife: No


  • Amelia Knox

Ex Dated With Sorta:

He said that she is quite special to me. Though this couple is no more together but he still remembers her, they were quite close together.

These all ladies came in life of this American rapper Wale. Because this time the girl he dating is his long time love so most expected he take decision for married this girlfriend to update her status to wife in 2016 or if again they decides of split then who next one must updated for all of his fans. Hope so this time in the initial time of their relation, they have to avoid criticizing each other. If they will keep on be reuniting in this way by loving each other than their life will go on a perfect path.

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