Valentine Week List 2015 Dates Schedule Day Full List Rose Propose Hug Kiss Chocolate

As the New Year celebrations with all their enthusiasm, resolutions and greetings come to an end, everyone begins to play for the most romantic week of the year. Yes, that is the valentine week which is eagerly waits for especially by the young love birds. It’s time for them to shower their passionate love for their beloved. So, you don’t love to wait more. Here we have the complete date and day schedule Full list of with details chart and calendar of Valentine Week 2015 Dates Schedule Rose Day Propose Day Hug Day Kiss Day Chocolate Day for every love bird that they complete their preparation with respect to these days along with unique ideas for celebrating these love days and making unforgettable memories with your sweethearts. So, if you are lucky enough to have a love relationship, it’s time to express it in its fullest. And those who still are thinking for the right time to express their love to someone they like, it is the appropriate time for you people as well to express it.

Let’s have a look at the date schedule of valentines week list 2015 and we will tell you what it is all about.

Rose day 7th February, 2015:

Lucky you are to have the beginning of love week on Saturday. As Saturday is usually an off day for all the employees and students, it’s easy for you to plan really good. Nothing can be more special than a red rose to express your love. Beginning with this sweet gesture will definitely do best for the expression of your true feelings. So, rose day can become a good point to start off with. It will give a due to the other person that you have romantic feelings for him/her. If the rose is accepted it will build ground for the very next day that is propose day.

Propose day 8th February 2015:

So, Sunday is propose day and the most important day in the whole valentine week. If your flowers have been accepted the day before, it’s the best time for you to express your heartiest feelings in the romantic way.

Chocolate day 9th February 2015:

If your love proposal has been accepted previously on Monday go ahead by gifting some delicious chocolates to your beloved. You can easily find the beautiful packing of the chocolates that your beloved likes.

Teddy day 10th February 2015:

Tuesday is teddy day. To express your tender love its always a good idea to gift a soft teddy toy to your beloved. Girls are usually found of these soft and cuddly teddies.


Promise day 11th February 2015:

Wednesday is the promise day. It’s time to make serious promises with your love. You can take your beloved to a romantic dinner or sea side etc and make promises like living together always. It is also necessary to keep your promises on serious note.

Hug day 12th February 2015:

Thursday evening, its time to express physical bounding. You can give a passion hug to your beloved to ensure your true love.

Kiss day 13th February 2015:

As it’s only one day left before the valentine day on Friday express your deepest feelings of love by kissing your partner.

Valentine day 14th February: Valentine Week List 2015 Dates Schedule Day Full List Rose Propose Hug Kiss Chocolate a sweet ending to the love week is on Saturday that is again weekend. It is great to have Valentine’s Day on weekend. So, you plan for some outing like romantic movie or a short trip to make love memories. Thus, the whole valentine’s week is full of love and affection. Plan the most romantic valentines week following the schedules stated above.

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