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Usain Bolt Girlfriend 2020 Wife: Does Usain Bolt have Kids?

So far, Usain Bolt has spent an amazing personal life. Let’s explore his current dating status that who is the current girlfriend of Usain Bolt in 2020? Recently, this legendary American sprinter is linked to Kasi Bennett. It is assumed that he has taken this love story much serious than the other ones. Kasi also mentioned that these two were dating from the last five years. Undoubtedly, she is trying to prove herself a supportive girlfriend for her man. Now let’s wait and watch what will happen in the future. But at the present time, they are in an official bonding and aim to last it forever.

Usain Bolt Girlfriend 2020:

Yes, Kasi Bennett is the Usain Bolt girlfriend 2020. This is the first relation of Bolt that prolonged for such a long duration.

Does Usain Bolt have Kids?

Now in 2020, news regarding the pregnancy of his girlfriend is reporting and obviously, Usain Bolt is the baby father of this kid.

Moreover, from his few pics with Holly Young, she was supposed to be the next girlfriend of Bolt. But till now, no one knows the actuality of this relation.

  • A pic with Ex:

Usain Bolt gf Lubica Slovak

It’s clear from the relationship history of Bolt that his name was connected to many other wonderful successful ladies that include in the below list.

 EX Girlfriends:

  • Lubica Slovak
  • Mizicann Evans
  • Megan Edward

So it is believed that he had spent a good time with them all. Further, the detail of these love stories is given below.

Usain Bolt relation

Let start his first love story with a really beautiful girl named Lubica Slovak. This is his first dating so he always seems to enjoy the company of this pretty model. Basically, this was the time, when Usain was touching the peak of his career. Right after this breakup, he was seen with Mizicann Evans. This is one longest time relation and on some occasion, it’s also heard that they are going to the wedding.

But these rumors going to end when he falls in love with another pretty girl Megan Edwards. Furthermore, this story was ended up with broken hearts.

Usain Bolt Wife:

After the retirement of Usain Bolt, everyone starts thinking that now he will definitely plan for marriage to complete a family. But, he is still enjoying with the girlfriend.

An Images Collection of his EX GF:

Short Career Detail of Usain Bolt:

For the first time, he was participated in the CARIFTA games and successfully attains four gold medals and was also awarded by the ‘Austin Sealy Trophy’ title. During 2005-2007 besides of setting records, he also faced numerous injuries. In 2008, he was qualified for World Athletics Championship and received three gold medals. In 2009 by broking up his own previous record he made a new record. He was the luckiest man to maintain his feet in the next two championships and became the first sprinter to accomplish the ‘triple-triple’.

In 2012, London Olympics games, he again collected three gold medals and then in 2016 he again proved himself a good sprinter and bring gold medal in his home. Till now he has received an Olympic gold medal, nine times. Eleven times, he is recognized as a World Champion. He is the only man in the world who has made the record in both 100 and 200-meter races. It’s not easy at all to break the records of this person.

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