Who is Tyrese Gibson Wife Married to Girlfriend Dating 2016

He is a Grammy award nominated singer from America. He is also a songwriter by profession. Wife: He has been married for once and then got a divorce. Who is Tyrese Gibson Girlfriend in 2016? Right now, he is having the age of 37 and there are rumors going on these days that he is in a relationship with Taraji P. Henson. This couple was rumored to dating whose further details are in below: According to source this year he might be dating with this pretty lady. Sources have been saying so that they have become closer now. It has been admitted and confessed by both of them that they love each other a lot. But at the same time they love each other because they are friends.

Media sources have speculated that they are more than friends. We can make this estimation that both Tyrese Gibson and Taraji are both getting ready to make this relationship an advanced one, we think that they are planning to move one step ahead in this friendship relation of them. In one of the interviews, he told the media that there might be some possibility and chances that he will be dating Taraji.

Tyrese Gibson relation

They have this perfect looking on screen chemistry and there might be the chances that their professional life romance changed out to be a real one. He just love her of being loud and aggressive at the same time.

Tyrese Gibson relation

Failed Marriage and ex Relation:

Who is Tyrese Gibson Wife Married to? It was for the time frame of two years that he remained with Norma. Then they had their ways parted off. They had this short duration of marriage. If we talk about the ex relationships of Tyrese Gibson then we saw that he had a relationship with

  • Kristal Smith
  • Lyndriette Kristal Smith
  • Daphne Joy
  • Rozanda Thomas

Although this list contain few more names to but these are major relation that was announced publicly.

Tyrese Gibson relation

Girlfriend Dating in 2016: Tyrese Gibson and Taraji might be the next couple in the news, till there is not any confirm news about their relationship. Let us all see what they will be up to in the upcoming days. No doubt currently both of them are searching for life partner. So most probably they bonded together in some romantic relation, mean while from long time they are true friends.

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