Trish Stratus Husband Name Ron Fisico Baby Father Photos

wwe Trish Stratus Husband name Ron Fisico has very strong relationship and they give birth to baby boy whose father photos in gallery. Trish Stratus is a professional WWE wrestler builder and she met her husband after despite with a lot of boyfriends. In their initial stage of love both becomes met on secret dating but officially announced when she decided to getting married with Fisico in September, 2006. Trish wedding is not ordinary wedding because it get full coverage of media and now this time her bridal dress coves in bridle magazine in Canada. In his high school she played field hockey and soccer but the passage of time she changed their plane and join gym. Trish started her career form fitness model and becomes part in a lot of magazines and then she start working for WWF (World Wrestling Federation) and after that she renamed WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). She also involves in scandal teamed storyline and she also having some extra wrestling skills and techniques and due to respect she won a lot of games in their profession.

  • Trish Stratus Husband Name: Ron Fisico

“Baby Father Photos”

Trish Stratus boyfriend

This couple spend happy life with their child and deeply thought about their fourteen year old relationship. Trish is professional retired wrestler, former fitness model and fitness leader and actress and becomes most television personality. She is also big fans of wrestler in their childhood but once time she also becomes wrestler and she is girl that’s become WWE Hardcore Champion and also three times becomes WWE babe of the year and won WWE women championship and after that she decide to retirement from their profession.

Source said that Trish Stratus Husband Ron Fisico met in their high school and mostly spends time together but for few years Fisico goes too built for their career and he supported and help out in to become their fitness of body and now Fisico involves with family and personal life and in 2013 Trish Stratus give birth a baby boy of her Husband Name Ron Fisico Baby Father Photos clear all things.

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