Tony Romo Girlfriend 2018 Wife Is Married to Who

This recognized American athlete was born in San Diego. Romo’s father worked in the US Navy whereas his mother was a clerk at a store. He is playing basketball since his childhood days. As a kid, he was chosen for the Little League baseball team. Side by side he also played other games like tennis, golf, and Basketball too. Tony Romo had spent a fabulous time in university and played great football seasons. Later, he started his professional career with Dallas Cowboys. So, since from that time he is serving Cowboys as a leading player. He faced many injuries in his career but never lose his spirit and hope. In his career span, he has secured many victories and various team records. The following part of this writing is about the married life of Tony Romo in 2018 that covers detail of his current girlfriend turned wife.

Tony Romo Girlfriend 2018:  

He has kept his personal life quite open. He was associated with many beautiful ladies in the past but now he is a married man. Beautiful Candice Crawford is his current wife. Their marriage ceremony was held at Hall in Dallas, Texas in the presence of six hundred guests. Guest includes players, actors, singers and many other great celebrities.

For the information, Crawford is a former Miss Missouri. Currently she is working for KDAF-TV as a sports reporter.

Who is he Married to?

  • Wife: Candice Crawford, Now the couple is living with their sons. No doubt they are perfectly matched.

Tony Romo Girlfriend 2018 Wife Is Married to Who

Romo relation

Prior to Candice, Romo had an affair with Jessica Simpson. The couple broke up on the night before Simpson’s 29th birthday. The reason behind separation is not disclosed in the media. After this breakup, Romo was associated with Carrie Underwood. But again this story lasted for just a few months.

Romo relation

Besides the personal and professional life, Romo admires the feelings of his fans. For this, he hosted events for them. It is stated that the value of his autography is increasing gradually and it may act as a gem inside NFL memorabilia collection. Till now four events were organized in his honor.

Moving back to the Tony Romo personal life, then previously, he had two pretty girlfriends, and now in 2018 spend life with the best wife in the world. One can say he spends a perfect life. Let see about the future of this pair.

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