Taye Diggs 2018 New Wife Girlfriend Dating Married to Who after Divorce Idina Menzel

After passing a decade of first marriage, Taye Diggs decided to part his ways from Idina Menzel. In an interview, he described the reason for this separation. According to Taye Diggs, they were belonging from two different cultures. During 10 years of married life they were settled down many things but still, they were not on one page due to which they had decided for divorce. He also adds that after seperation their son grooming is a major problem because now he is growing up. So in this situation, they have decided to care him together. That is the reason that he also runs a dance company with his former wife.

After this divorce with Idina Menzel now question arise that who is Taye Diggs married to or he is just dating a new partner.

Taye Diggs Girlfriend 2018:

Amanza Smith Brown

 “Pic With Pretty Ex-Wife”

Taye Diggs relation

Current Relationship Status:

Right after this divorce, he is dating with pretty Amanza Smith Brown. He is happy with this new lady; they just want to carry on this relationship without marrying. The further thing will more clearly in upcoming days.

Taye Diggs New Wife 2018:

After the first divorce, not married to current GF.

Taye Diggs 2018 New Wife Girlfriend Dating Married to Who

Taye Diggs relation

 “Pic of Pretty New Girlfriend”

Bio: Scott Leo Dings is the real name of Taye Diggs, he is the son of Marcia and Young Andre. His mother Marcia was the well educated and hardworking school teacher and great actress while his father Young Andre was a big Visual artist. When he was young his parents got separated due to this whole family moved to New York. After this divorce her mother Marcia married to Jefferies Diggs, thus Taye adapted the surname of his stepfather.

His friends used to say him Scottaye. He is the oldest of five, having two brother and two sisters. Both of his younger brothers are musicians by profession. One of his sister Shalom Diggs is a dancer while other younger sister went to college to become a Veterinarian.

 “With Ex-Wife and Son”

Taye Diggs relation

As a youngster, he was very awkward, short-side and thin. But from that time, he wanted to become an actor. He lifted weights and modern dance classes to improve his physique. Further, his mother was the first lady who convinced her to attend the School of Arts. Simply this is the time when prepared himself to step into the industry.

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