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This year Sunny Anderson age is 40 but she always takes her personal life at low scale. Most of the people want to get info that is she married and does she have a husband or boyfriend, or till she wait for a dream guy: Her approach towards Love Life. It is heard that she is single. If we talk about her approach to love then she has told many of the times to the media that she is dating but not committed with someone. In many of the interviews, she has let all of us to jump into her personal life. She has talked about dating and guys. She has talked about her dream and romantic date. Right now, she is Single and living a fabulous kind of life. She is in love with some guy, cooks food for him and at times hangs out with him in her Brooklyn side home. She also adds that she will not marry this man, because she also has more guys in her life. So she needs more time to select right one among them.

She told that she is not at all committed with someone but she has a boyfriend. She has many of the guy friends in his life and right now she has been sorting them out to get to know who are better for her! She is not in the favor of commitment because she likes to date and loves to enjoy her freedom too at the same time.

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Sunny Anderson relation

She is of this view that if you will be committed then you have to explain your schedules to your partner that why you are not available! She is professional lady so never strict her schedule with a man who raise different kind of question in private matters. No doubt she is best Chef and well known food personality but always afraid from husband.

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Sunny Anderson relation

Let us see that when she will be able to get the perfect man for herself! She seems to be that kind of woman that needs to see perfection in each and every task of her. And we are quite sure that when it comes to choosing the life partner, she will see each and every minute detail in that guy. She is a perfect cook and she wants her guy and life partner to be perfect too.

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