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Shannon Leto 2020 Girlfriend Married Wife Who

It’s noted that all the relationships of Shannon Leto were very brief. Recently, it is rumored that Jeannine Burnaeva is the girlfriend of this American Musician. But, a reliable source from any side has not confirmed this link. Furthermore, over the last few months, he has kept his private life quite low. Because of this, it’s unclear that with whom he is in the relationship. Meanwhile, media has also not yet come up with any authentic news about the current dating status of Shannon. But his marital status clearly depicts that he is unmarried and has no kids.

Shannon Leto Girlfriend 2020:

  • Probably Single or else Jeannine Burnaeva is the Shannon Leto girlfriend 2020. Hopefully, things related to his personal life will clear soon.

Ex Relationships:

As its clearly mentioned in the starting para of this writing that he dated with various pretty ladies. But he is not good in his relationship life and not able to make any of them a permanent partner.

  • Jasmine Waltz
  • Monica Collins
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Kate Hudson

This list seems a bit short because we have missed a few names from it.

Who is Shannon Leto Married to?

  • Shannon Leto Wife:

Till now not tie wedding knot with any of girlfriend.

A pic with ex:

Shannon Leto relation


This Noble artist from the American music industry is the son of Constance (father) and Carl (mother). When he was a kid, his parents took separation and thereafter he was brought up by his mother and maternal grandparents. At 10, his father died as he committed suicide. Jared is his actual brother who is also a singer, songwriter, actor, and director, whereas he has two younger siblings from his father’s side.

Shannon’s mother encouraged her sons to take an interest in arts. Henceforth, both of these two brothers practiced music together at an early age. Furthermore, he was not good at academics thus he was suspended from the school.


In 1998, Shannon and his brother Jared created a band ‘Thirty Seconds to Mars’ in Los Angeles. In 2002, the band launched their debut album ‘Thirty Seconds to Mars’. The album was not successful as per their expectations, therefore, they failed to gain the attention of public eyes.

In 2005, the band introduced the second album ‘A Beautiful Lie’ and gain positive feedback from all over the world. Afterward, their band launched two more successful albums ‘This Is War’ and ‘Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams’, both of these albums got commercial and critical acclaim. As per the reports, the band has vended more than 15 million albums by 2014.

Shannon has collaborated with many other artists in his career span. Antonie Becks is his partner too. He did a recording for ‘The Wondergirls’ a short-lived group and performed occasionally with the ‘Street Drum Corps’. Now he is known as an energetic drummer of the band and a popular musician as well.

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