Who Is Sara Jean Underwood Dating 2015 Sara Underwood Boyfriend Husband

She is one of the good looking actress we have! She is also a television host and intense lady as well. Though she is 32 years old but she looks equally stunning enough. Her current affiliation these days is with Roberto Martinez. Check out the happening details with regard to them: This actress does not has this long list of ex relation her life. She had this on and off relationship with this TV presenter by profession. They remained together for 2 years and then they broke off. Three years ago this story was begun. We have been receiving these rumors that both of them are close to their marriage line and sooner we will be hearing wedding bells from their side. Few times back, we got to know that she also made her visit to San Diego so that she can meet up and catch up with her partner.

Each of their fans has been wondering and thinking that when Roberto will bend down on his knees and will be suggest marriage to this celeb! This couple is not officially engaged so far. We have not seen and noticed a ring on her finger but one thing is obvious that they spend a part of life together. They do hiking, they climb hills together.

Current BF:

  • Roberto Martinez

Jeff Dye girlfriend

Both of them also had their Halloween trip together, they took pictures and shots together in which they looks perfect. On her 30th birthday, he also gave the most surprise to her. As we know that Roberto had his breakup recently and now he has found love and romance for one more time. In past, things were getting worst between both of them.

 Now there are rumors of their back together, good things is now turning on between them. Let us see when they go out publicly when they will get married! But these all are not exact news, because neither of them deny or accept these news. Their fans wants that they begun a new phase of life, they understand each other. This is right age for wedding for both of them. But its up to them that what will they do.

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