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Robert Kraft Young Girlfriend Ricki Noel Lander 2015 Dating Pictures Wife Myra Kraft

A rich businessman that also NE Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Young Girlfriend Ricki Noel Lander 2015 Dating Pictures after passing wife Wife Myra Kraft. This world is full of romance, love and beauty that’s why lot of people is making fun in their life and romance they don’t see the age rather than the young heart. Robert Kraft is one of the best celebrities and also businessman and one of the billionaire of America. He is also CEO of the Kraft group and he is also having so beautiful girlfriend likes other businessman but a lot of difference among other businessman and celebrities because he fall in love with their young girlfriend and having to making full time enjoy in their life. She is known as Ricki Noel Lander and she is one of the best celebrities and having a lot of fans due to their best profession and she is American dancer and actress and too much popular among the people of America. She also works for the fashion shoots and also worked for Hollywood and music industry in Canada. Robert Kraft and their girlfriend mostly spend time with each other and seen a lot of time at dating and one of interesting thing she is 39 year junior by the Kraft.

ricki lander boyfriend bob

Robert Kraft is also professional business magnate and chairman and chief executive officer of the Kraft group and its diversified holding company with assets in paper, packaging, sports and entertainment, real estate developers and private equity portfolio. This company is also support holding in NFL (National Football League), MLG (Major League Soccer’s), New England patriots, New England revolution and also gillnetter stadium. Kraft is belongs to Jewish family and he is also player of football in their initial career of the school and started their professional career with Rand Whitney group that’s started by his father in Law. Kraft and his girlfriend met during one audition video for a role The Internship and both becomes closed friend and passage of time both met on dating for making enjoy in their happy life.

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